Open Business LLC USA

The major purpose of the bizmarkregister service is to assist international clients with opening their operations, business in the United States.

Forming a company in USA involves various steps. Starting with choosing a business form for the business between a corporation or a limited liability company LLC in USA. For most of our clients the best form of business is forming a limited liability company LLC in New Jersey. The State of New Jersey offers a great location for any international company because it located to close to the New York City, there is a lot highly educated employees in NJ and the cost of doing business in New Jersey is lower than in other state like New York or California.

We can assist with the following:

  • choosing of business form in USA
  • checking whether the propsed company’s name is available in the state where the company will be formed
  • forming a limited liability company LLC in New York or New Jersey
  • drafting and finalizing a LLC operating agreement
  • finding and renting an office in New Jersey or New York
  • obtaining tax number EIN
  • initiating a trademark registration in USA

Why should you use the bizmarkregister service?

The service is professional and based in the United States, not somewhere in the third world country.  We charge a reasonable flat fee and our turn around time to complete the whole process is 24 hours or less.

With the bizmarkregister service your business can open a LLC USA in 24 hours or less.